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COL201Writing Nonfiction
COL213Writing Short Fiction
ENGL131Writing About Places
ENGL317Special Topics: Plot
ENGL326Advanced Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL337Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENGL342Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL355Special Topics: The Use of Humor
ENGL360Special Topics: Writing Lives
FILM460Scripting Series for the Small Screen
MUSC121Writing About Music
RUSS222Dr. Jekyll vs. Dr. Frankenstein: Doubles in Literature
THEA299A Playwright's Workshop: Intermediate
THEA399Advanced Playwriting: Long Form
WRCT259Writing about Film

Spring 2016 Courses Not Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       CWRC
ANTH210Haiti: Between Anthropology and Journalism
ARHA360Museum Studies
BIOL137Writing About Evolution
COL213Writing Short Fiction
COL227Life Writing: Writing about the Self and from Experience
ENGL132Writing Medicine and the Doctor-Writer
ENGL325Intermediate Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL336Intermediate Poetry Workshop
ENGL339Intermediate Fiction Workshop
ENGL347Special Topics: Day Books, Diaries, Notebooks, Etc.
ENGL355Special Topics: The Use of Humor
MUSC121Writing About Music
THEA199Introduction to Playwriting
THEA249Contemporary Plays: Writing and Reading
THEA299A Playwright's Workshop: Intermediate
THEA399Advanced Playwriting: Long Form
WRCT220Translating Science
WRCT221Writing about Science and Other Specialized Topics: A Journalistic Perspective
WRCT222Writing About Science and Other Specialized Topics: A Journalistic Approach
WRCT250CTopics in Journalism: Techniques of Narrative Journalism
WRCT250DTopics in Journalism: Writing (and Arguing) about Inequality: How to Make Your Case
WRCT250ETopics in Journalism: War Stories-Fact, Memory, & Imagination:Conflict Reporting & Literature of War
WRCT256Writing for Television
WRCT260Advanced Fiction
WRCT264Creating Children's Books
WRCT265Identity and Alterity in Israeli Literature
WRCT267Creative Criticism and Inquiry: Writing Documentary Nonfiction and Poetry

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