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MDST151-01European Architecture to 1750Siry,Joseph M.   
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; CINE;
MDST151-AU01European Architecture to 1750STAFF
MDST203-01Old Testament/Hebrew BibleZwelling,Jeremy    
.M.W.F. 11:00AM-11:50AM; PAC002;
MDST204-01Medieval EuropeShaw,Gary    
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC002;
.M.W.F. 10:00AM-10:50AM; DWNY113;
MDST214-01Introduction to The New TestamentCameron,Ron    
...W.F. 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC001;
MDST221-01Medieval and Renaissance MusicAlden,Jane    
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; OLIN327B;
MDST222-01Early Renaissance Art and Architecture in ItalyAksamija,Nadja    
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; DAC100;
MDST230-01Painted Humanism and Secret Renaissance: War and Peace in ItalySimonetta,Marcello    
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK305;
MDST280-01Islamic Art and ArchitectureWagoner,Phillip B.   
.M...F. 02:40PM-04:00PM; DAC100;
MDST280-AUDIslamic Art and ArchitectureSTAFF
MDST293-01Medieval Legend and Myth in the British IslesEggers,Will    
.M..... 11:00AM-12:20PM; .....F. 11:00AM-12:20PM; PAC413; PAC104;
MDST305-01God After the Death of God: Postmodern Echoes of Premodern ThoughtRubenstein,Mary-Jane Victoria   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; SCIE141;

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MDST205-01The Making of Britain, 400 - 1763Shaw,Gary    
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC002;
MDST208-01Rome Through the AgesNussdorfer,Laurie    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; BTFDC314;
MDST212-01Wesleyan University Collegium MusicumAlden,Jane    
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; CROWELL;
MDST239-01The Gothic CathedralMaines,Clark    
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; ZLKA106;
MDST240-01Dissimulation, Truth, and Power: Making up MachiavelliSimonetta,Marcello    
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; FISK404;
MDST254-01CervantesArmstrong Roche,Michael    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK101;
MDST270-01Medieval Lyric PoetryNeedler,Howard I.   
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; BTFDC312;
MDST292-01History of the English LanguageEggers,Will    
.M.W.F. 10:00AM-10:50AM; DWNY113;
MDST304-01Medieval ArchaeologyMaines,Clark    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; ZLKA106;

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