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AMST117FSocial Norms / Social Power: Queer Readings of "Difference" in America (FYS)
CHUM378Decolonizing Indigenous Gender and Sexuality
ENGL349Historicizing Early Modern Sexualities
FGSS200Sex/Gender in Critical Perspective (FGSS Gateway)
FREN397Forbidden Love: From the Middle Ages to the French Revolution
REES235Queer Russia
SOC244Feminist and Queer Theories of Social Reproduction
SOC299The Future Perfect
SPAN294Queering Latin America: Contemporary Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Literature and Film
THEA216Performance Curation as Relational Praxis
WRCT302All the Feels: Affect Theory and Cultural Studies

Spring 2023 Courses Not Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       XQST
AMST233Global Queer Studies
AMST256Race and Medicine in America
ANTH398Queer/Anthropology: Ethnographic Approaches to Queer Studies
DANC366Queering the Dancing Body: Critical Perspectives on LGBTQ Representation
FGSS321BioFeminisms: Science, Matter, and Agency
SOC244Feminist and Queer Theories of Social Reproduction
SOC269Bad Sex
THEA316Advanced Topics in Performance Studies: Imagining Anticolonial Performance Practices

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