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AFAM306-01Black Middletown Lives: Documenting and Commemorating Those Enslaved HereNasta,Jesse    
.....F. 09:00AM-11:50AM; DWNY100;
ASTR430-01Seminar on Astronomical PedagogyHughes,Meredith    
...W... 12:20PM-01:10PM; VVO110;
COL208-01The Art and Science of Social EngagementBarber,Charles    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; BOGH110;
COL295-01Rome After Rome: Culture and Empire of ConstantinopleTorgerson,Jesse Wayne   
.M.W.F. 08:50AM-09:40AM; BOGH113;
DANC341-01Dance Teaching Workshop: The Embodied Practice of KnowingKolcio,Katja P.   
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; SDC;
DANC376-01The Artist in the Community: Civic Engagement and Collaborative DancemakingOrr,Allison Diane   
.....F. 09:00AM-11:50AM; FEAS SEM;
DANC447-01Dance Teaching PracticumKolcio,Katja P.   
E&ES251-01Environmental Geochemistry LaboratoryKu,Timothy C.W.   
.M..... 01:20PM-04:10PM; SCIE317;
E&ES280-01Introduction to GISDiver,Kim    
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; SCIE103;
EDST310-01Practicum in Education StudiesGrillo,Amy    
...W... 07:10PM-10:00PM; 164MTV108;
FILM104-01Introduction to Collaborative Documentary FilmmakingShepard,Sadia Quraeshi   
.M..... 01:20PM-04:10PM; ...W... 01:20PM-04:10PM; CFS128; CFS112;
QAC381-01QAC Praxis Service Learning LabRose,Jennifer S.   
.M..... 01:20PM-04:10PM; ALLB113;
RL&L223L-01Second Language Acquisition & Pedagogy - Teaching Romance LanguagesNeary,Louise C.   
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK305;
SOC315-01The Health of CommunitiesCarey Best,Peggy    
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; FISK403;
WRCT202-01Pedagogy for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TutorsHepford,Elizabeth (Beth) Ann   
.....F. 09:50AM-10:50AM; 116MTV102;

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BIOL161-01Science Materials For a Malagasy ClassroomPowzyk,Joyce Ann   
....R.. 04:20PM-07:00PM; SCIE40;
E&ES325-01Geologic Field MappingResor,Phillip G.   
...W... 01:20PM-04:10PM; SCIE309;
EDST311-01Community Impact Practicum: Building Capacity to Support Educational EnrichmentGrillo,Amy    
..T.... 07:10PM-10:00PM; 164MTV108;
ENGL348-01Refugee LiteratureNguyen,Marguerite    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; DWNY100;
THEA115-01America in Prison: Theater Behind BarsJenkins,Ronald S.   
..T.... 06:00PM-09:00PM; TST101;

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