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BIOL197Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL346The Forest Ecosystem
BIOL507Evolution Journal Club I
CHEM387Enzyme Mechanisms
CHEM557Seminar in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM587Seminar in Biological Chemistry
E&ES322Introduction to GIS
E&ES323Isotope Geochemistry: Tracers of Environmental Processes
E&ES326Remote Sensing
ECON310Environmental and Resource Economics
ENVS110Wildlife in Our Time
ENVS212Introduction to Ethics
ENVS215Humans, Animals, Nature
ENVS231Introduction to Animal Welfare Science
ENVS300Sustainable Behavior Change
ENVS391Senior Colloquium: Environmental Studies
ENVS403Senior Essay: Environmental Studies
HIST253Food Histories in East Asia
PHIL215Humans, Animals, Nature
SISP202Philosophy of Science
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ANTH250Foragers to Farmers: Hunting and Gathering and the Development of Agriculture
ANTH349The Human Skeleton
ARHA292Archaeology of Food, Trade, and Power in South India
BIOL197Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL223Integration of Clinical Experience and Life Science Learning
BIOL316Plant-Animal Interactions
CHEM358Structure and Mechanism
E&ES199Introduction to Environmental Science
E&ES359Global Climate Change
ENVS201Research Methods in Environmental Studies: River Encounters
ENVS205Sciences as Social and Cultural Practices
ENVS206Public Policy
ENVS217Applied Animal Welfare Science
ENVS255Getting a Bigger Picture: Integrating Environmental History and Visual Studies
ENVS274Water's Past--Water's Future: A History and Archaeology of Water Use and Management
ENVS285Environmental Law and Policy
ENVS295Art in a Mediated Landscape: Contemporary Issues of Art and the Environment
ENVS313Microbes and Human-Caused Environmental Change
ENVS314Reconceptualizing the Animal Pest
ENVS369Ecological Resilience: The Good, The Bad, and The Mindful
ENVS392Senior Colloquium: Environmental Studies
ENVS404Senior Essay: Environmental Studies
GOVT206Public Policy
HIST221History of Ecology
MB&B381Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
PHIL311Spinoza's ETHICS

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