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BIOL181Principles of Biology I: Cell Biology and Molecular Basis of Heredity
BIOL191Principles of Biology I--Laboratory
CHEM141Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM143Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM251Principles of Organic Chemistry I
PHYS111Introductory Physics I
PHYS113General Physics I

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NS&B213Behavioral Neurobiology

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BIOL239Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain
NS&B224Hormones, Brain, and Behavior
NS&B252Cell Biology of the Neuron
NS&B343Muscle and Nerve Development
NS&B353Neurobiology of Neurological Disorders

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NS&B220Cognitive Psychology
NS&B221Human Memory
NS&B227Motivation and Reward
NS&B239Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain
NS&B353Neurobiology of Neurological Disorders

Fall 2015      Advanced: Methods Courses       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       NSB
NS&B247Laboratory in Neurophysiology
NS&B280Applied Data Analysis
Spring 2016      Foundation Courses       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       NSB
BIOL182Principles of Biology II
BIOL192Principles of Biology II--Laboratory
CHEM142Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM144Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM252Principles of Organic Chemistry II
PHYS112Introductory Physics II

Spring 2016      Advanced: Biology Courses       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       NSB
NS&B328Chemical Senses
NS&B356Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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NS&B220Cognitive Psychology
NS&B222Sensation and Perception
NS&B225Cognitive Neuroscience
NS&B227Motivation and Reward
NS&B329Neural Costs of War
NS&B348Origins of Knowledge
NS&B356Neurodevelopmental Disorders
PSYC342Music Perception and Cognition

Spring 2016      Advanced: Methods Courses       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       NSB
BIOL250Laboratory in Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology
NS&B280Applied Data Analysis
PSYC200Statistics: An Activity-Based Approach
PSYC399Lab in Gambling, Drugs, and Junk Food

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