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ARHA296Mountains in European and African Art and History
ARHA300Iberian Expansion and the "Discovery" of Africa in Travel Narratives and Art, 1420-1640
DANC260West African Dance I
DANC360West African Dance II
GOVT324Africa in World Politics
HIST212Modern Africa
HIST241African American History, 1444-1877
MUSC445West African Music and Culture--Beginners
SPAN250Orientalism: Spain and Africa
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ARHA299African History and Art
DANC260West African Dance I
DANC360West African Dance II
ECON366The Economics of Developing Countries
ENGL131Writing About Places: Africa
GOVT355Political Theory and Transitional Justice
HIST138The Environment and Society in Africa
HIST226Gender and Authority in African Societies
HIST265Global Christianity
MUSC446West African Music and Culture--Intermediate
MUSC447West African Music and Culture--Advanced

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