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AFAM361The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
ARHA151European Architecture to 1750
ARHA213Cross, Book, Bone: Early Medieval Art, c. 300-1100
FREN230Knights, Fools, and Lovers: An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance French Culture
HEBR101Beginning Hebrew I
HEBR201Intermediate Hebrew I
HEBR211Hebrew Literature
HIST201Medieval Europe
HIST206Classic Christian Texts
HIST208War and Religion in Early America
HIST230Rome After Rome: Culture and Empire of Constantinople
HIST236Dante in His World: Politics, Poetry, Religion
MUSC274Hymnody in the United States Before the Civil War
MUSC448Ebony Singers: Gospel Music
PHIL261Philosophical Classics III: Post-Kantian Analytic Philosophy
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ARHA210Romanesque and Gothic Art and Architecture
HEBR102Beginning Hebrew II
HEBR202Intermediate Hebrew II
HIST202Early Modern Europe
HIST261Enlightenment and Science
MUSC448Ebony Singers: Gospel Music
RELI212Introduction to the New Testament

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