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AMST120The Nobel Writers: Literary Institutions and the Literary Canon
ARHA181Mughal India: Introduction to the Practice of Art History
BIOL106The Biology of Sex
BIOL140Classic Studies in Animal Behavior
CCIV124The Roman Family
COL104Baroque Rome
COL110The Enlightenment and the Birth of the Modern World
COL112The European Novel from Cervantes to Calvino
E&ES154Volcanoes of the World
ENGL134Three Big Novels
ENGL141Slavery, Latifundia, and Revolution in Latin American Literature and Cinema
ENGL150American Crazy: Five Myths of Extremism, Violence, and National Identity
FILM104The Art of the Interview
FIST276Days and Knights of the Round Table
HIST111Understanding the Arab Spring
HIST116Environmental History: Telling Stories in Place
HIST118Baroque Rome
HIST122Encountering the Atlantic World, 1450-1850
HIST138The Environment and Society in Africa
MUSC125Music and Downtown New York, 1950-1970
PHIL213Freedom and Free Will
RELI229Tibetan Buddhism: from Ancient India to Shangri-la
RELI270Magical Money and Enchanted Capitalisms
RELI288Buddhism in America: The Dharma Comes to Main Street
RELI381Religions Resist Modernity
RUSS232The Real McCoy: Constructing Identity
RUSS240Reading Stories: Great Short Works from Tolstoy to Petrushevskaya
SISP123The Magic Bullet: Drugs in Modern America
THEA150Plays and Performances
THEA199Introduction to Playwriting
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ANTH111Hawai`i: Myths and Realities
BIOL106The Biology of Sex
BIOL137Writing About Evolution
BIOL145Primate Behavior: The Real Monkey Business
ENGL110Poetry and Democracy
ENGL140Literature, Laughter, Philosophy: Tristram Shandy
ENGL151American Revolutions and Counterrevolutions
GRST230The Simple Life
HIST138The Environment and Society in Africa
HIST144What Is History?
MUSC121Writing About Music
RELI221Islam and Muslim Cultures

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