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European Literature of the Fin de Siècle
COL 249
Spring 2007
Section: 01  

This seminar will explore the panorama of British and Continental fiction, poetry and drama from about 1880 to 1905, a period of enormous innovation in literary form and expression. We will study the major schools and movements of the fin de siècle--symbolism, naturalism, aestheticism, decadence--while emphasizing how the major writers of the period transformed 19th century conventions into a new modernist vocabulary. We will also consider the literature of these years alongside contemporaneous experimentation in the visual arts.

Essential Capabilities: Speaking, Writing
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: HA COL
Course Format: SeminarGrading Mode: Student Option
Level: UGRD Prerequisites: None
Fulfills a Major Requirement for: None
Past Enrollment Probability: Not Available

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