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Music Theater Workshop
THEA 279
Fall 2021
Section: 01  
Crosslisting: MUSC 230

This class will be a collaborative, hands-on workshop for playwrights and composers who will work together throughout the semester, simulating the real-world process of writing a piece of musical theater. Students will explore standard works in the musical theater canon as well as less traditional pieces, concentrating on dramaturgical elements specific to the form (opening numbers, "I Want/I Am" songs, extended musical sequences, act one finales, 11 o'clock numbers, etc.). Students will then apply this knowledge to their own work as they generate scenes, songs, and outlines for libretti. Students will leave the class with a grasp of the classic components of this art form, hopefully inspired to follow or bend the "rules" to suit their own creative instincts.
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: HA THEA
Course Format: SeminarGrading Mode:
Level: UGRD Prerequisites: THEA199 OR MUSC103 OR MUSC201
Fulfills a Major Requirement for: (CWRC)(MUSC)(THEA)
Past Enrollment Probability: Not Available

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