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International Economics
ECON 270
Fall 2022
Section: 01  

This class examines the economic interactions between countries in the world economy and recent international economic events. The first part of the course will focus on explaining trade patterns between countries and the gains and losses associated with international trade. Trade policies such as tariffs and the institutional arrangements governing them (e.g., the World Trade Organization) will also be analyzed. The second part of the course covers international finance topics including the balance of payments, exchange rates, and the history of the international monetary system. We will also discuss how international linkages between countries affect economic development. Economics majors who want to be exposed to a more advanced treatment of international trade and international finance topics are encouraged to take ECON371 and/or ECON331.
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: SBS ECON
Course Format: Lecture / DiscussionGrading Mode: Graded
Level: UGRD Prerequisites: ECON101 OR ECON110
Fulfills a Major Requirement for: (CGST-MN)(ECON-MN)(ECON)
Past Enrollment Probability: 50% - 74%

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