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Economy of Japan

ECON 262
Spring 2016 not offered
This course may be repeated for credit.
Crosslisting: CEAS 250
Certificates: International Relations

This is a course designed for students who have taken Econ110 or Econ101 but have yet to take Econ302. It has two specific goals. First, students will learn (or review) the basic knowledge of macroeconomic theory as well as the basic tool of data analysis in Excel. Second, students will apply these tools to understand Japan's macroeconomic and financial history from the mid-19th century to the present, including the industrialization of Japan, prewar instability, postwar recovery, and Heisei Recession.
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: SBS ECON
Course Format: Lecture / DiscussionGrading Mode: Graded
Level: UGRD Prerequisites: ECON101 OR ECON110
Fulfills a Major Requirement for: (CEAS-MN)(CEAS-Polit Econ)(ECON-MN)(ECON)

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