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Families on Stage: Individual, Society and the Nation in Spanish Theater from 1600 to the present
SPAN 243
Spring 2007 not offered

Theater showcases conflict, and conflict tends to be experienced most acutely within the intimate confines of the family. This is why the family along with its spatial correlate, the home, have been treated as the privileged scenario for dramatic literature since the days of Oedipus and Hamlet. The parallel between the stage and the family and the allegorical implications that derive therein are a key incentive for much of the writing for the stage in Spain, from the Golden Age (1600s) to the present. In this course we will evaluate these implications at different stages of Spanish history to see how the portrayal on stage of family conflict evolves over time and is adapted to highlight social trends and questions of nationhood and collective identity within a fluid national domain.

Essential Capabilities: Speaking, Writing
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: HA RLAN
Course Format: Lecture/DiscussionGrading Mode: Student Option
Level: UGRD Prerequisites: None
Fulfills a Major Requirement for: (COL)(RMST)

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