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Parable and Paradox: Kierkegaard's Pseudonymous Works
RELI 302
Spring 2010
Section: 01  

In addition to the works written under his own name, the quasi-philosopher/quasi-theologian Soren Kierkegaard attributed a number of "his" texts to characters he had created. Each of these pseudonymous authors has a distinct personality and set of concerns, but the texts all attempt in various ways to express the inexpressible. In this class, we will read five of these works, exploring their structures (dialectical, narrative, epistolary, etc.), major philo-literary devices (repetitions, disavowals, digressions, parables, and paradoxes) and means of authorial erasure. Above all, we will be asking why this body of work appears under names other than Kierkegaard's, and what they had to say that couldn't be said directly.

Essential Capabilities: Interpretation, Logical Reasoning
This course will track the logical twists and turns of notoriously elusive arguments.
It will also attend to the interpretive difference their pseudonymous presentation might make.
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: HA RELI
Course Format: SeminarGrading Mode: Graded
Level: UGRD Prerequisites: None
Fulfills a Major Requirement for: (RELI)(SISP-Reli Conc)
Past Enrollment Probability: Not Available

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