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The History of Race and Sex in America
AFAM 254
Fall 2021 not offered

Everything in our contemporary moment has a historical precedent. This course explores the ways that race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation have intersected to shape American lives and group identities. Focusing on the concept of intersectionality, this course looks at the relationship between power, rights, and citizenship; namely who is included and who is excluded at a given time and why. Thinking about how sex has factored into these dynamics, we'll be covering topics such as sexual coercion and consent, interracial marriage, and civil rights in historical perspective. Spanning the early American period through to the present, we will focus specifically on how the understanding of blackness and whiteness, manhood and womanhood, and heterosexuality and homosexuality changed over time.
Credit: 1 Gen Ed Area Dept: SBS AFAM
Course Format: Lecture / DiscussionGrading Mode: Student Option
Level: UGRD Prerequisites: None
Fulfills a Major Requirement for: (AFAM-MN)(AFAM)

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