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BIOL118Reproduction in the 21st Century
BIOL137Writing About Evolution
BIOL140Classic Studies in Animal Behavior
BIOL155Tiny Organisms with a Big Effect: The Microbiome
BIOL173Global Change and Infectious Disease
BIOL186Introduction to the Biology of Nutrition and Impact on Human Health
BIOL197Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL214MacroEvolution, Pattern and Process
BIOL218Developmental Biology
BIOL220Conservation Biology
BIOL226Invasive Species: Biology, Policy, and Management
BIOL229Geobiology Laboratory
BIOL235Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL239Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain
BIOL245Cellular Neurophysiology
BIOL247Laboratory in Neurophysiology
BIOL250Laboratory in Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology
BIOL252Cell Biology of the Neuron
BIOL254Comparative Animal Behavior
BIOL265Bioinformatics Programming
BIOL290Plant Form and Diversity
BIOL318Nature and Nurture: The Interplay of Genes and Environment
BIOL325Stem Cells: Basic Biology to Clinical Application
BIOL327Evolutionary and Ecological Bioinformatics
BIOL333Gene Regulation
BIOL334Shaping the Organism
BIOL337The Origins of Bacterial Diversity
BIOL340Issues in Development and Evolution
BIOL343Muscle and Nerve Development
BIOL345Developmental Neurobiology
BIOL346The Forest Ecosystem
BIOL347Mammalian Cortical Circuits
BIOL351Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
BIOL354Agricultural Food Webs
BIOL356Neurodevelopmental Disorders
BIOL505Cell and Development Journal Club I
BIOL507Evolution Journal Club I
BIOL509Neuroscience Journal Club I
BIOL518Nature and Nurture: The Interplay of Genes and Environment
BIOL527Evolutionary and Ecological Bioinformatics
BIOL533Gene Regulation
BIOL537The Origins of Bacterial Diversity
BIOL540Issues in Development and Evolution
BIOL543Muscle and Nerve Development
BIOL545Developmental Neurobiology
BIOL546The Forest Ecosystem
BIOL590Plant Form and Diversity
BIOL599Cellular Neurophysiology

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