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BIOL247Laboratory in Neurophysiology
BIOL252Cell Biology of the Neuron
BIOL290Plant Form and Diversity
BIOL332Genomics Era Cell and Development
BIOL340EvoDevo: Origins of Variation in the Phenotype
BIOL356Neurodevelopmental Disorders
BIOL358Neurobiology of Movement
BIOL540EvoDevo: Origins of Variation in the Phenotype
BIOL590Plant Form and Diversity

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BIOL194Principles of Biology II: Advanced Topics
BIOL215Evolution in Human-Altered Environments
BIOL220Conservation Biology
BIOL310Genomics Analysis
BIOL343Muscle and Nerve Development
BIOL347Mammalian Cortical Circuits
BIOL358Neurobiology of Movement
BIOL515Evolution in Human-Altered Environments
BIOL543Muscle and Nerve Development

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