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BIOL265Bioinformatics Programming
COMP115How to Design Programs
GOVT366Empirical Methods for Political Science
GOVT367Political Science by the Numbers
PHYS221Modeling and Data Analysis: From Molecules to Markets
PHYS340Computational Physics
QAC211Digging the Digital Era: A Data Science Primer
QAC231Introduction to (Geo)Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization
QAC239Proseminar: Web Scraping
QAC251Data Visualization: An Introduction
QAC311Longitudinal Data Analysis
QAC314Survival Analysis
QAC323Bayesian Data Analysis: A Primer
QAC380Introduction to Statistical Consulting
QAC386Quantitative Textual Analysis: Introduction to Text Mining

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Summer 2019 Courses Offered       Home       Archive       Search       CADS
PSYC200-01Statistics: An Activity-Based ApproachXing,Chenmu    
.MTWRF. 03:30PM-05:10PM; BOGH114;
QAC251-01Data Visualization: An IntroductionNazzaro,Valerie L.   
.MTWRF. 10:15AM-11:55AM; TBA

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