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CEAS202Narrating China: Introduction to 20th- and 21st-Century Chinese Literature
CEAS206Korean Politics Through Film
CEAS223Traditional China: Eco-civilization and Its Discontents
CEAS226Japan and the Atomic Bomb: History, Myths, and Mysteries
CEAS237Representations of Gender and Sexuality in China
CEAS267Human Nature in Chinese Thought
CEAS284Buddhist Art and Architecture in East Asia
CEAS325Challenges to Democracy in East Asia
CEAS340Reading Theories
CEAS355Between Asia and Asian America
CEAS379Visionary Journeys through Sacred Landscapes: Japanese Art of Pilgrimage
KREA256Exploring Korea Through a Multifaceted Cultural Lens (CLAC .50)

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CEAS160Social and Political Changes in Korea
CEAS185Introduction to Japanese History: A Manga Artist's Life in 20th-Century Japan
CEAS205Democracy and Social Movements in East Asia
CEAS213The Chinese Canon and Its Afterlife
CEAS214History and Geography
CEAS218"Other Chinas": Literature from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Sinophone Southeast Asia
CEAS220Nature and the Human Realm in Chinese Literature
CEAS224Modern China: States, Transnations, Individuals, and Worlds
CEAS246Eccentricity, Gender, and Occidentalism in Edo-Period Art (1615-1868)
CEAS256Neo-Confucian Philosophy
CEAS260From Archipelago to Nation State: An Introduction to Japanese History and Culture
CEAS273Environmental Politics in East Asia
CEAS298The Problem of Language in Chinese Philosophy
CEAS305East Asian Culture Through Mandopop (CLAC .50)
CEAS395From Fascism to Fukushima: Navigating the Everyday in Modern Japan
CEAS397Cinema and City in Asia

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