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CEAS223Traditional China: Eco-civilization and Its Discontents
CEAS226Japan and the Atomic Bomb: History, Myths, and Mysteries
CEAS237Representations of Gender and Sexuality in China
CEAS267Human Nature in Chinese Thought
CEAS340Reading Theories
CEAS419Student Forum
KREA256Exploring Korea Through a Multifaceted Cultural Lens (CLAC .50)

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CEAS213The Chinese Canon and Its Afterlife
CEAS218"Other Chinas": Literature from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Sinophone Southeast Asia
CEAS220Nature and the Human Realm in Chinese Literature
CEAS224Modern China: States, Transnations, Individuals, and Worlds
CEAS251Japanese Economy
CEAS256Neo-Confucian Philosophy
CEAS260From Archipelago to Nation State: An Introduction to Japanese History and Culture
CEAS292Global Film Melodrama
CEAS298The Problem of Language in Chinese Philosophy
CEAS346Contemporary East Asian Cinema
CEAS395A Wesleyan Student's Guide to Fascism: The Case of Modern Japan
CEAS397Cinema and City in Asia

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