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CGST215What is (a) Language?
CGST227Writing Short Fiction in Spanish
CGST240Introduction to Tamazight: The Native Language of North Africa and Beyond (CLAC.50)
CGST256Exploring Korea Through a Multifaceted Cultural Lens (CLAC .50)
CGST480Engaged Projects

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CGST262Korean Music from Shamanism to Television (CLAC.50)
CGST267Current Environmental Issues in Latin America (CLAC 1.0)
CGST268Food Security and Environmental Conservation (CLAC 1.0)
CGST281Global Economy: Germany and the World in an Age of Extremes, 1870-1957 (CLAC.50)
CGST350Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry (CLAC .50)
CGST480Engaged Projects

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