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CHUM214The Modern and the Postmodern
CHUM227Introduction to Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory
CHUM320Museum Chronotopes: Temporality and Exhibition from the Late 18th Century to the Present
CHUM322Time Is Money: Capitalism and Temporality
CHUM327Heidegger and the Temporal Sense of Being
CHUM328Architectures of Aftermath
CHUM329Future Visions: Temporality and the Politics of Change
CHUM344"If there is no God, then everything is permitted?" Moral Life in a Secular World
CHUM358Style and Stylistic Change: Creativity and the Recurrent Problem of Reaching an Audience in the Arts
CHUM370Engaging Audiences: Spectatorship Within Black Popular Culture and Performance
CHUM372Literature and Visual Culture in Shakespeare's England
CHUM377Worlding the World: Creation Myths from Ancient Greece to the Multiverse

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CHUM227Introduction to Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory
CHUM324Emplacing the Local: Community, Place, and History in Middletown
CHUM325The Caribbean Epic
CHUM340Observing Justice: Trials and Judgments in Arendt, Kleist, and Kafka
CHUM360The View from Abroad on the Early Modern Stage

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