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CHUM228Virtue and Vice in History, Literature, and Philosophy
CHUM276Moving Through the Revolutionary Age: British Colonies and Early America, 1774--1815
CHUM289Staging Race in Early Modern England
CHUM306Techniques of the Liar: Performance, Artifice, Fraud
CHUM307Anthropocene as Modern Grand Narrative
CHUM312Indigenous Religion and the New Age: Inspiration or Appropriation?
CHUM313Concepts of Matter: A Brief Philosophical History of the Concept of Matter
CHUM315Emperor, Caliph, King: Comparing the Byzantines, Abbasids, and Carolingians
CHUM318Comparing Revolutions: The United States and Early Canada, 1774--1815
CHUM319Zionism: A Political Theology
CHUM320Modern Intellectual History in Global Perspectives
CHUM322The Hope-lessness Photology of the Syrian Uprising
CHUM324Race and the Enlightenment: A Historical and Philosophical Enquiry
CHUM330Women Make the World: Global Technologies and Gender
CHUM331Sophist, Statesman, Philosopher: Plato's Later Metaphysics and Politics
CHUM341Global Histories: Problems in Scale, Scope, Depth, and Time
CHUM344Contemporary Theater: Theories and Aesthetics
CHUM351Melodrama Since 1700
CHUM359Making the Psychological: Discovering, Manufacturing, Circulating
CHUM366The Sounds of Black and Brown Performance
CHUM368Comparative Philosophy

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