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ASTR231Stellar Structure and Evolution
BIOL332Genomics Era Cell and Development
CIS285Form and Code
E&ES250Environmental Geochemistry
MATH229Differential Equations
MB&B395Structural Biology Laboratory
PHYS588Seminar in Atomic and Molecular/Chemical Physics
PSYC220Cognitive Psychology

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BIOL210Genomics: Modern Genetics, Bioinformatics, and the Human Genome Project
CHEM314Environmental Chemistry
CHEM318Instrumental Analysis
CHEM323Biochemistry of Neurodegenerative Disease
CIS210How Things Fail: Mechanics and Materials
CIS310Genomics Analysis
E&ES280Introduction to GIS
E&ES319Meteorites and Cosmochemistry
E&ES368Isotope Geochemistry
E&ES385Remote Sensing
E&ES386Remote-Sensing Laboratory
E&ES399Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Environmental Science Journalism
MATH226Complex Analysis
MB&B303Receptors, Channels, and Pumps: Advanced Topics in Membrane Protein Structure and Function
MB&B325Introduction to Biomolecular Structure
MB&B381Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
PHYS340Computational Physics
PHYS358Condensed Matter
PHYS508Atomic and Molecular Physics Seminar II
PSYC222Sensation and Perception

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