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COL130FThinking Animals: An Introduction to Animal Studies (FYS)
COL201Writing Nonfiction
COL208The Art and Science of Social Engagement
COL22520th-Century Franco-Caribbean Literature and the Search for Identity
COL232Cuneiform to Kindle: Fragments of a Material History of Literature
COL234The Cosmos of Dante's "Comedy"
COL240Revolutionary France and the Birth of Modern Art, 1789-1900
COL265Frankfurt School Critical Theory, Then and Now
COL295Rome After Rome: Culture and Empire of Constantinople
COL298Music of Central Asia: From Throat-Singing to Heavy Metal
COL313Classic Spanish Plays: Love, Violence, and (Poetic) Justice on the Early Modern Stage
COL315German Romanticism: Disenchantment and Re-enchantment
COL339Reading Theories

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COL203World History
COL209Appearing Acts: Visual Histories and Identity Construction Through Photography in Spain
COL213Enlightenment and Science
COL214The Modern and the Postmodern
COL227Life Writing: Writing About the Self and from Experience
COL230Longform Narrative
COL232Cuneiform to Kindle: Fragments of a Material History of Literature
COL239Rebels and Rebellions in Early Modern Spain
COL247The Fall of Rome and Other Stories
COL252Writing Love: Articulations of Passion, Genres of Intimacy
COL294Soundscapes of Islam
COL304The Enlightenment You Don't Know (And What It Can Tell You about the Digital World)
COL310More-Than-Human-Worlds: Theories and Fictions
COL314Cuban Literature and Film: Imagination, Revolt, and Melancholia (CLAC 1.0)
COL328History and Theory
COL336Theories of Translation
COL349Modernism and the Total Work of Art
COL352Coming Out/Coming of Age: Narratives of Becoming in Italian Culture
COL355The Treason of the Intellectuals: Power, Ethics, and Cultural Production
COL359Philosophical Classics I: Ancient Western Philosophy
COL389The Mediterranean Archipelago: Literary and Cultural Representations
COL391Diderot: An Encyclopedic Mind

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