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CSPL250FTopics in Journalism: Journalism, Nonfiction Writing, and the Search for Truth
CSPL301Beyond "the Veil": Representations and Realities of Muslim Women in the United States
CSPL321Collaborative Cluster Initiative Research Seminar
CSPL333Music Movements in a Capitalist Democracy

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CSPL201Foundations of Civic Engagement
CSPL202Power of Insights: How to Bring Structure to Chaos Through Design Thinking
CSPL220Photography and Social Movements
CSPL250CTopics in Journalism: Techniques of Narrative Journalism
CSPL250DTopics in Journalism: Writing (and Arguing) about Inequality: How to Make Your Case
CSPL250ETopics in Journalism: War Stories-Fact, Memory, & Imagination:Conflict Reporting & Literature of War
CSPL320Collaborative Cluster Initiative Research Seminar
CSPL340Entrepreneurs and Innovations in Public Education, from "A Nation At Risk" to "Race to the Top"
CSPL345Entrepreneurship in Education: Past, Present, and Future
CSPL350All the News That's Fit to Post: Issues for Content Creators in the New Global News World

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