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COL201Writing Nonfiction
COL216Writing Long Fiction
ENGL306Special Topics: The Beats and Their Discontents
ENGL326Advanced Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL337Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENGL342Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL355Special Topics in Creative Writing: The Use of Humor
ENGL360Special Topics: Writing Lives
MUSC121Writing About Music
NS&B360Capstone Experience in Neuroscience and Behavior
WRCT255Translation: Theory and Practice
WRCT259Writing About Film

Spring 2014 Courses Not Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       CWRC
COL213Writing Short Fiction
COL216Writing Long Fiction
ENGL241Special Topics in Creative Writing: Merging Forms
ENGL325Intermediate Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL336Intermediate Poetry Workshop
ENGL360Special Topics: Writing Lives
HEST230"Israel on the Road": Making Road Trip Films with Filmmaker Dani Menken
NS&B360Capstone Experience in Neuroscience and Behavior
THEA199Introduction to Playwriting
THEA299A Playwright's Workshop: Intermediate
WRCT220Translating Science
WRCT256Writing for Television
WRCT257Reading and Writing Fiction
WRCT258The Journalist as Citizen
WRCT261Topics in Journalism I
WRCT262Topics in Journalism II
WRCT264Creating Children's Books
WRCT265Identity and Alterity in Israeli Literature
WRCT266Topics in Journalism: Techniques of Narrative Journalism
WRCT267Creative Criticism and Inquiry: Writing Documentary Nonfiction and Poetry

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