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DANC103Dancing Bodies
DANC105Dance Tech Lab: Lights, Screen, Projection
DANC213Jazz Technique
DANC215Modern Dance II
DANC231Performing Arts Videography
DANC237Performance Art
DANC244Delicious Movement: Time Is Not Even, Space Is Not Empty
DANC249Making Dances I: Solo Work
DANC261Bharata Natyam I: Introduction of South Indian Classical Dance
DANC301Anatomy and Kinesiology
DANC307Mobilizing Dance: Cinema, the Body, and Culture in South Asia
DANC309Modern Dance III
DANC354Improvisational Forms: Contact Improvisation
DANC360West African Dance II
DANC362Bharata Natyam II: Embracing the Traditional and the Modern
DANC364Media for Performance
DANC371Site-Specific Choreography
DANC377Perspectives in Dance: Queering the Dancing Body: Critical Perspectives on LGBTQ Representation
DANC378Repertory and Performance
DANC381Japan's Nuclear Disasters
DANC398Senior Colloquium in Dance Research
DANC435Advanced Dance Practice A
DANC445Advanced Dance Practice B

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