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E&ES101Dynamic Earth
E&ES197Introduction to Environmental Studies
E&ES214Laboratory Study of Minerals
E&ES221Geomorphology Laboratory
E&ES223Structural Geology
E&ES231Sedimentology/Stratigraphy Techniques
E&ES235Geobiology Laboratory
E&ES236Mass Extinctions in the Oceans: Animal Origins to Anthropocene
E&ES238The Forest Ecosystem
E&ES240Invasive Species: Biology, Policy, and Management
E&ES245Soils Laboratory
E&ES247Hydrology Laboratory
E&ES251Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory
E&ES260Oceans and Climate
E&ES261Techniques in Ocean and Climate Investigations
E&ES280Introduction to GIS
E&ES281GIS Service-Learning Laboratory
E&ES313Petrogenesis of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
E&ES314Laboratory Study of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
E&ES319Meteorites and Cosmochemistry
E&ES320Meteorites Laboratory
E&ES321Planetary Evolution
E&ES359Global Climate Change
E&ES361Living in a Polluted World
E&ES368Isotope Geochemistry
E&ES375Modeling the Earth and Environment
E&ES385Remote Sensing
E&ES386Remote-Sensing Laboratory
E&ES497Senior Seminar
E&ES513Petrogenesis of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
E&ES519Meteorites and Cosmochemistry
E&ES520Meteorites Laboratory
E&ES521Planetary Evolution
E&ES538The Forest Ecosystem
E&ES557Research Discussion in Earth & Environmental Sciences
E&ES560Oceans and Climate
E&ES568Isotope Geochemistry
E&ES575Modeling the Earth and Environment
E&ES580Introduction to GIS
E&ES581GIS Service-Learning Laboratory
E&ES585Remote Sensing

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