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ENGL132-01Writing Medicine and the Doctor-WriterHadler,Alice Berliner   
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; ALLB004;
ENGL141F-01Slavery, Latifundio, and Revolution in Latin American Literature and Cinema (FYS)Ellis Neyra,Ren    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; DWNY100;
ENGL152F-01The Armchair Adventurer (FYS)Weiner,Stephanie Kuduk   
.M.W.F. 08:50AM-09:40AM; BOGH110;
ENGL165F-01Querying the Nation: American Literature and Ethnic Studies (FYS)Nguyen,Marguerite    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; DWNY200;
ENGL190F-01Place, Character, and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and Fiction (FYS)Greene,Anne F.   
.M.W... 08:20AM-09:40AM; DWNY100;
ENGL201E-01Ways of Reading: Gifts, Debts, and PromisesMcCann,Sean    
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK314;
ENGL201J-01Ways of Reading: Literary Form and FormsFriedberg,Harris A.   
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; CRT285;
ENGL201L-01Ways of Reading: Forms of DifferenceTang,Amy Cynthia   
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; FISK210;
ENGL201R-01Ways of Reading: Sound Sense, Nonsense, and Language's Radical DesiresEllis Neyra,Ren    
.M.W... 08:20AM-09:40AM; CRT285;
ENGL203A-01American Literature on Fire: Conquest, Capitalism, Resistance: 1492-1865Pfister,Joel    
.M..... 07:10PM-10:00PM; DWNY208;
ENGL203A-02American Literature on Fire: Conquest, Capitalism, Resistance: 1492-1865Pfister,Joel    
..T.... 01:20PM-04:10PM; DWNY208;
ENGL205-01ShakespeareFriedberg,Harris A.   
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK302;
ENGL207-01Chaucer and His WorldNisse,Ruth    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; FISK312;
ENGL208-01Feminist TheoriesPitts-Taylor,Victoria    
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; ALLB004;
ENGL212-01Edgar Allan Poe and Literary CultureDay Frank,Morgan    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; BOGH115;
ENGL212-02Edgar Allan Poe and Literary CultureDay Frank,Morgan    
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; BOGH115;
ENGL214-01Writing NonfictionBarber,Charles    
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; 116MTV108;
ENGL216-01Techniques of PoetryMurillo,John    
.M.W... 08:20AM-09:40AM; DWNY200;
ENGL217-01Recent American FictionBachner,Sally    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK208;
ENGL226-01Romantic-Era Extremities: Madness, Revolution, Sublimity, and the Celtic FringeWeiner,Stephanie Kuduk   
.M...F. 01:20PM-02:40PM; SCIE201;
ENGL230-01Introduction to Asian American LiteratureNguyen,Marguerite    
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; FISK414;
ENGL233-01All Ah We: Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Drama & PerformanceMcMahon,Rashida Z. Shaw   
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; 116MTV102;
ENGL248-01Shakespearean RevolutionsKorda,Natasha    
..T.... 07:10PM-10:00PM; CFH106;
ENGL250-01Technologies of the SelfBilbija,Marina    
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; ZLKA202;
ENGL257-01Literature of the Gilded AgeDay Frank,Morgan    
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; FISK121;
ENGL269-01Introduction to PlaywritingSanchez,Edwin    
.....F. 09:00AM-12:00PM; TST101;
ENGL269-02Introduction to PlaywritingSanchez,Edwin    
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; TST101;
ENGL270-01Writing Creative NonfictionGreene,Anne F.   
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; DWNY113;
ENGL278-01Writing On and As PerformanceBrewer Ball,Katherine    
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; TST114;
ENGL281-01Award-Winning PlaywrightsMcMahon,Rashida Z. Shaw   
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; 116MTV102;
ENGL284-01Literary Perversions: Revolution, Democracy, IdentityFics,Ryan    
....R.. 07:10PM-10:00PM; CFH106;
ENGL292-01Techniques of NonfictionVogel,Danielle    
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; CAAS LOUNG;
ENGL295-01Reading TheoriesTölölyan,Khachig    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; PAC002;
ENGL296-01Techniques of FictionAntoni,Robert    
...W... 09:20AM-12:10PM; FEAS SEM;
ENGL311-01Modernist Writers: Virginia Woolf and Jean RhysBachner,Sally    
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; RLAN106;
ENGL313-01Special Topic: The Art of the EssayRoberson,Blythe    
.M..... 01:20PM-04:10PM; 116MTV108;
ENGL324-01Black Power and the Modern Narrative of SlaveryRushdy,Ashraf H.A.   
...W.F. 10:50AM-12:10PM; CAMS 1&2;
ENGL325-01Intermediate Nonfiction WorkshopCohen,Lisa    
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; CRT285;
ENGL336-01Intermediate Poetry WorkshopVogel,Danielle    
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; CRT285;
ENGL339-01Intermediate Fiction WorkshopMartin,Douglas Arthur   
..T.... 07:10PM-10:00PM; FISK412;
ENGL339A-01Intermediate Fiction Workshop: VernacularAntoni,Robert    
..T.... 07:10PM-10:00PM; 116MTV102;
ENGL375-01Black Global CitiesBilbija,Marina    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK101;
ENGL380-01Special Topics: Prosody and Poetic FormsMurillo,John    
.M..... 01:20PM-04:10PM; FISK210;
ENGL382-01Reading Between Freedom and NecessityGarrett,Matthew Carl   
...W... 01:20PM-04:10PM; DWNY200;
ENGL450-01Senior Seminar in Creative WritingMartin,Douglas Arthur   
...W... 10:00AM-12:50PM; CRT285;

Winter 2020 Courses Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       ENGL
ENGL214Z-01Reading and Writing MemoirBonner,Jeanne M.   
..TWRF. 09:00AM-11:30AM; ..TWRF. 01:00PM-02:30PM; BOGH113; BOGH113;

Spring 2020 Courses Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       ENGL
ENGL131B-01Writing About Places: AfricaHadler,Alice Berliner   
ENGL135-01Writing about Research: U.S. StyleHepford,Elizabeth (Beth) Ann   
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; 116MTV102;
ENGL176F-01August WilsonMcMahon,Rashida Z. Shaw   
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; BOGH114;
ENGL201D-01Ways of Reading: Reading for Genre: Form, History, TheoryWeiner,Stephanie Kuduk   
.M...F. 10:50AM-12:10PM; CRT285;
ENGL201G-01Ways of Reading: Contact ZonesNguyen,Marguerite    
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; DWNY100;
ENGL201N-01Ways of Reading: Adaptations: From Page to StageMcMahon,Rashida Z. Shaw   
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; BOGH110;
ENGL204A-01American Literature, 1865--1945McCann,Sean    
.M.W.F. 09:50AM-10:40AM; PAC001;
ENGL215-01Place, Belonging, and Sound in the 20th c. Latina/o/x, Black, & Caribbean Imaginations--NYCEllis Neyra,Ren    
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; SCIE216;
ENGL216-01Techniques of PoetryMurillo,John    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; RLANB2;
ENGL227-01Reading The VictoriansCrosby,Christina    
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; CRT285;
ENGL228-01Life Writing: Writing About the Self and from ExperienceBarber,Charles    
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; 116MTV108;
ENGL240-01Introduction to African American LiteratureRushdy,Ashraf H.A.   
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; FISK413;
ENGL243-01Caribbean Writers in the U.S. DiasporaKaramcheti,Indira    
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; FISK414;
ENGL244-01Kill Anything That Moves: The Vietnam War in Literature and FilmNguyen,Marguerite    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK404;
ENGL247-01Narrative and IdeologyTölölyan,Khachig    
..T.... 07:10PM-10:00PM; BOGH113;
ENGL249-01The Great American NovellaDay Frank,Morgan    
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; CRT285;
ENGL262-01Beyond the Talking Book: Reading African American Literature in the NewspapersBilbija,Marina    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; CRT285;
ENGL271-01Distinguished Writers/New VoicesGreene,Anne F.   
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; DWNY113;
ENGL272-01Modernist City-TextsFitzpatrick,Joseph J.   
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; BOGH113;
ENGL290-01Place, Character, and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and FictionGreene,Anne F.   
.M.W... 08:20AM-09:40AM; DWNY113;
ENGL291-01The First Stories: Oral Poetry in Greece and Anglo-Saxon EnglandFriedberg,Harris A.   
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK302;
ENGL292-01Techniques of NonfictionVogel,Danielle    
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; RSCSEM;
ENGL296-01Techniques of FictionAntoni,Robert    
...W... 01:20PM-04:10PM; FEAS SEM;
ENGL297-01Creating Children's Books IBloom,Amy B.   
..T.... 08:50AM-11:40AM; 116MTV102;
ENGL305-01Shakespeare's Macbeth: From Saga to ScreenFriedberg,Harris A.   
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; BOGH110;
ENGL309-01Entertaining Social ChangePfister,Joel    
...W... 01:20PM-04:10PM; DWNY208;
ENGL310-01The Medieval BeastNisse,Ruth    
.M.W... 01:20PM-02:40PM; VVO110;
ENGL315-01Writing and Drawing ComicsKatzenstein,Jason Adam   
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; 116MTV102;
ENGL320-01The Senses and the Subject in Cinema and PoetryEllis Neyra,Ren    
.M..... 01:20PM-04:10PM; BOGH115;
ENGL323-01What Was the Public Sphere?Day Frank,Morgan    
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; DWNY100;
ENGL326-01Advanced Nonfiction WorkshopCohen,Lisa    
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; FISK403;
ENGL331-01Artifacts of US Empire: Post-Cold War Narratives of Migration and Multiethnic LiteratureSilber,Lauren    
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; DWNY200;
ENGL337A-01Advanced Poetry Workshop: Radical RevisionMurillo,John    
.M..... 07:10PM-10:00PM; DWNY208;
ENGL338-01Serial SensationsBilbija,Marina    
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; FISK101;
ENGL340-01Special Topics: Ecopoetics - Experimental Poetry in the AnthropoceneVogel,Danielle    
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; ALLB304;
ENGL342-01Advanced Fiction WorkshopMartin,Douglas Arthur   
..T.... 07:10PM-10:00PM; 116MTV102;
ENGL344-01Women's Lib, Women's LitBachner,Sally    
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; CFH106;
ENGL346-01Utter Nonsense: Modernist Experiments with MeaningFitzpatrick,Joseph J.   
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; BOGH110;
ENGL349-01Historicizing Early Modern SexualitiesKorda,Natasha    
...W... 01:20PM-04:10PM; CFH106;
ENGL360-01Special Topics: Writing LivesCohen,Lisa    
...W... 01:20PM-04:10PM; CRT285;
ENGL362-01Friendship and Collaboration: In Theory, In PracticeBrewer Ball,Katherine    
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; TST114;
ENGL366-01Special Topic: Magical RealismAntoni,Robert    
....R.. 09:20AM-12:10PM; DWNY200;
ENGL372-01Race, Violence, and Resistance: Pauline Hopkins and Charles ChesnuttRushdy,Ashraf H.A.   
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; CAAS CONF;
ENGL387-01Literature of LondonWeiner,Stephanie Kuduk   
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; DWNY100;
ENGL399-01Advanced Playwriting: Long FormSanchez,Edwin    
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; TST101;

Summer 2020 Courses Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       ENGL
ENGL259Z-01The Art of the Personal EssayWeisberg,Meg Furniss    
ENGL259Z-02The Art of the Personal EssaySilber,Lauren    
ENGL296Z-01Techniques of FictionSkyhorse,Brando    

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