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GOVT151-01American Government and PoliticsEisner,Marc A.   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC107;
GOVT151-02American Government and PoliticsFreeze,Melanie S.   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC125;
GOVT151-03American Government and PoliticsFreeze,Melanie S.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; SCIE113;
GOVT155-01International PoliticsGallarotti,Giulio    
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; ALLB304;
GOVT155-02International PoliticsGallarotti,Giulio    
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; ALLB304;
GOVT155-03International PoliticsSheetz,Mark S.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; JUDD113;
GOVT157-01Democracy and Dictatorship: Politics in the Contemporary WorldWiliarty,Sarah E.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC125;
GOVT157-02Democracy and Dictatorship: Politics in the Contemporary WorldFreeze,Kent Earl   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC125;
GOVT157-03Democracy and Dictatorship: Politics in the Contemporary WorldFreeze,Kent Earl   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; SCIE113;
GOVT159-01The Moral Basis of PoliticsMoon,J. Donald    
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC421;
GOVT201-01Applied Data AnalysisDierker,Lisa C.   
Rose,Jennifer S.   
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; .....F. 12:00PM-02:00PM; ALLB204; ALLB204;
GOVT201-02Applied Data AnalysisDierker,Lisa C.   
Selya,Arielle Schmidt   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; .....F. 12:00PM-02:00PM; ALLB204; ALLB204;
GOVT201-03Applied Data AnalysisDierker,Lisa C.   
Kaparakis,Emmanuel I.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; .....F. 12:00PM-02:00PM; ALLB204; ALLB204;
GOVT201-04Applied Data AnalysisNolan,Jeffrey G.   
Dierker,Lisa C.   
.M.W... 04:10PM-05:30PM; .....F. 12:00PM-02:00PM; ALLB204; ALLB204;
GOVT201-05Applied Data AnalysisDierker,Lisa C.   
Tate,Janet P.   
.M.W... 07:00PM-08:20PM; .....F. 12:00PM-02:00PM; ALLB204; ALLB204;
GOVT201-06Applied Data AnalysisDierker,Lisa C.   
Selya,Arielle Schmidt   
.M.W... 07:00PM-08:20PM; .....F. 12:00PM-02:00PM; PAC100; ALLB204;
GOVT215-01Congressional Policy MakingDancey,Logan M   
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; PAC107;
GOVT220-01American Political EconomyEisner,Marc A.   
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; PAC422;
GOVT232-01Campaigns and ElectionsDancey,Logan M   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK314;
GOVT274-01Russian PoliticsRutland,Peter    
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC421;
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC422;
...W... 07:00PM-09:50PM; PAC136;
GOVT291-01Environmental Advocacy Strategies That WorkHaddad,Mary Alice    
....R.. 01:10PM-04:00PM; 284 HIGH;
GOVT297-01Politics and Political Development in the People's Republic of ChinaFreeze,Kent Earl   
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; SCIE113;
GOVT302-01Latin American PoliticsMcGuire,James W.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC422;
GOVT311-01United States Foreign PolicyFoyle,Douglas C.   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC136;
GOVT311-02United States Foreign PolicyFoyle,Douglas C.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC136;
GOVT314-01Public Opinion and Foreign PolicyFoyle,Douglas C.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC421;
GOVT329-01International Political EconomyGallarotti,Giulio    
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; JUDDB6;
GOVT337-01Virtue and Glory: Classical Political TheorySchwartz,Nancy L.   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC104;
GOVT342-01Forms of Freedom: Anarchism, Socialism, and CommunitarianismSchwartz,Nancy L.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC104;
GOVT366-01Empirical Methods for Political ScienceFowler,Erika Franklin   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; ALLB004;
GOVT369-01Political PsychologyFreeze,Melanie S.   
...W... 01:10PM-04:00PM; SCIE141;
GOVT385-01Women and PoliticsWiliarty,Sarah E.   
...W... 01:10PM-04:00PM; ALLB004;
GOVT386-01The Nuclear Age in World PoliticsSheetz,Mark S.   
..T.... 01:10PM-04:00PM; PAC413;

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GOVT151-01American Government and PoliticsDancey,Logan M   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC002;
GOVT155-01International PoliticsSheetz,Mark S.   
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; FISK312;
GOVT155-02International PoliticsSheetz,Mark S.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK312;
GOVT157-01Democracy and Dictatorship: Politics in the Contemporary WorldRutland,Peter    
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC002;
GOVT159-01The Moral Basis of PoliticsSchwartz,Nancy L.   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC104;
GOVT203-01American Constitutional LawFinn,John E.   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC421;
GOVT206-01Public PolicyEisner,Marc A.   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC421;
GOVT221-01Environmental PolicyEisner,Marc A.   
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; PAC421;
GOVT238-01American Political PartiesFreeze,Melanie S.   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC136;
GOVT246-01Public Opinion in American PoliticsFreeze,Melanie S.   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC125;
GOVT271-01Political Economy of Developing CountriesMcGuire,James W.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC421;
GOVT279-01Chinese Foreign PolicyFreeze,Kent Earl   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC104;
GOVT284-01Comparative Politics of Western EuropeWiliarty,Sarah E.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; JUDDB6;
GOVT285-01Losers of World War IIWiliarty,Sarah E.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; JUDD113;
GOVT324-01Africa in World PoliticsNelson,Michael B.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC421;
GOVT331-01International LawNelson,Michael B.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; WYL112;
GOVT333-01International OrganizationGallarotti,Giulio    
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; ALLB304;
GOVT334-01International Security in a Changing WorldSheetz,Mark S.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC125;
GOVT338-01Modern Political TheoryMoon,J. Donald    
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC421;
GOVT346-01Foundations of Civic EngagementMoon,J. Donald    
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; ALLB103;
GOVT373-01Congressional ReformDancey,Logan M   
....R.. 01:10PM-04:00PM; PAC413;
GOVT375-01American Political DevelopmentLim,Elvin    
....R.. 01:10PM-04:00PM; FISK115;
GOVT379-01The Politics and Theory of the First AmendmentFinn,John E.   
..T.... 01:10PM-04:00PM; FISK115;
GOVT381-01The Political Economy of OilRutland,Peter    
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC422;
GOVT382-01The Politics of InequalityFreeze,Kent Earl   
..T.... 01:10PM-04:00PM; PAC104;
GOVT394-01Political Thought and Politics of IsraelSchwartz,Nancy L.   
....R.. 01:10PM-04:00PM; PAC104;

Summer 2013 Courses Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       GOVT
GOVT201-01Applied Data AnalysisSelya,Arielle Schmidt   
.MTWRF. 11:00AM-12:40PM; ALLB204;
GOVT387-01Foreign Policy at the MoviesFoyle,Douglas C.   
.MTWRF. 11:00AM-12:40PM; PAC104;

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