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HIST101FHistory and the Humanities (FYS)
HIST102FHistory and the Humanities II (FYS)
HIST116Environmental History: Telling Stories in Place
HIST117Chinese Cities
HIST124FThe Making of the Modern American Landscape (FYS)
HIST129Philosophy and the Movies: The Past on Film
HIST140Virtue and Vice in History, Literature, and Philosophy
HIST141Theories and Models
HIST151Introduction to History: The "Russian World" Past and Present
HIST170Introduction to History: American Material Culture
HIST172Introduction to History: Germany from Napoleon to the Berlin Republic
HIST176Introduction to History: Science in the Making: Thinking Historically About Science
HIST180Introduction to Japanese History: A Manga Artist's Life in 20th-Century Japan
HIST201Medieval Europe
HIST202Early Modern Europe
HIST203Modern Europe
HIST204Greek History
HIST207Japan Since 1868: Society and Culture in Modern Japanese History
HIST210Jews & America
HIST211Digital History
HIST212Modern Africa
HIST215European Intellectual History to the Renaissance
HIST216European Intellectual History since the Renaissance
HIST216LEuropean Intellectual History since the Renaissance- Service Learning
HIST221History of Ecology
HIST222Disease and Epidemics in Historical Perspective
HIST224Modern China: States, Transnations, Individuals, and Worlds
HIST225Modern East Asia's Maritime Borderlands
HIST226Queen Mothers, Unruly Women: Histories of Gender and Sexuality in Africa
HIST231Islamic Civilization: The Classical Age
HIST232Turkey and the Balkans, 1453 to present
HIST235Enlightenment Concept of the Self
HIST238Liberty and Loyalism: Reconfiguring North America in the Age of Revolution, 1774-1848
HIST239The Long 19th Century
HIST242World History
HIST243How to Make History, or the Art of History: Past, Present, & Future
HIST245Modern Latin America Since 1810
HIST247The Fall of Rome and Other Stories
HIST252Industrializations: Commodities in World History
HIST253Slavery, Race, and Indigeneity in Early America
HIST254Science in Western Culture
HIST256Japan and the Atomic Bomb: History, Myths, and Mysteries
HIST260From Archipelago to Nation State: An Introduction to Japanese History and Culture
HIST262Seeing a Bigger Picture: Integrating Environmental History and Visual Studies
HIST263Inside Nazi Germany, 1933--1945
HIST264Waterways: Maritime World History
HIST266American Labor History from 1776 to Recent Times
HIST267Development in Question: Conservation in Africa
HIST268The Origins of Global Capitalism: Economic History, 1400--1800
HIST269Modern Britain: From Empire to Quagmire, 1688-Present
HIST279The Making of Modern Japan, 1500 to Present
HIST280The Industrial Revolution in Global Context: Economic History Since 1800
HIST283What Is Rationality?
HIST285Modern South Asia
HIST286Photography and Law: Mugshots, Privacy and Publicity, Obscenity, Copyright, and Evidence
HIST288Delhi: The Past in the Present
HIST293The U.S. Civil War, 1861--1865
HIST294Political Fiction
HIST296Colonial Latin America
HIST298Oh Canada: Creating the Northern Neighbour, 1776--1896
HIST303Medievals on the Move: Pilgrimage, Jihad, Crusade, and Apocalypse
HIST310Moving Through the Revolutionary Age: British Colonies and Early America, 1774--1815
HIST311Ethnicity and Religion in the Middle East and the Balkans
HIST315Global Histories: Problems in Scale, Scope, Depth, and Time
HIST317The Great Game
HIST318The Politics of Death: The Living, the Dead, and the State
HIST319Crisis, Creativity, and Modernity in the Weimar Republic, 1918--1933
HIST321Media and Power in Latin America: From Quipus to Twitter
HIST323Religion and History
HIST324Homelands and First Nations: Native Worlds in North America
HIST327Emperor, Caliph, King: Comparing the Byzantines, Abbasids, and Carolingians
HIST330American Utopias in the 19th Century
HIST334Social History of Islam in Africa
HIST335Nature, Science, and Empire in Early Latin America
HIST342The Rise of the Conservative Movement in the United States Since 1945
HIST349Comparing Revolutions: The United States and Early Canada, 1774--1815
HIST355The 1918 Influenza Pandemic: A Research Seminar
HIST357Regulators: The Administrative State in Modern America
HIST358Ireland: History Remembered and Forgotten
HIST362Issues in Contemporary Historiography
HIST366A History of Incarceration in the United States
HIST367Life of Modern Fact
HIST369Issues in the Environmental History of Japan
HIST370Disease and Health in Modern Asia
HIST373Language and Power in Latin America
HIST374Food Security: History of an Idea
HIST377Comparative French Revolutions
HIST381Japan's Nuclear Disasters
HIST382Anthropocene as Modern Grand Narrative
HIST383French Existentialism and Marxism
HIST386History of Science and Technology in Modern China
HIST387History of the End
HIST392The Acceleration of Europe: Mobility and Communication, 1000--1700
HIST393Materia Medica: Drugs and Medicines in America
HIST394Seminar: Topics in the History of Europe Since 1945
HIST395"If there is no God, then everything is permitted?" Moral Life in a Secular World

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