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MDST204Medieval Europe
MDST207Chaucer and His World
MDST215Politics and Piety in Early Christianities
MDST220Love and Loss in Medieval and Early Modern French Literature and Culture
MDST221Allegory and Devotion in Medieval and Renaissance Music
MDST222Early Renaissance Art and Architecture in Italy
MDST223The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Rethinking the Italian Renaissance
MDST224Medieval Drama: Read It and Be in It
MDST225European Intellectual History to the Renaissance
MDST226The Cosmos of Dante's Comedy
MDST228Heroes, Lovers, and Swindlers: Medieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature and History
MDST230Lancelot, Guinevere, Grail: Enigma in the Romances of Chretien de Troyes
MDST232Obscure Enigma of Desire
MDST234Days and Knights of the Round Table
MDST235Days and Knights of the Round Table
MDST238Mystics and Militants: Medieval Women Writers
MDST251Islamic Civilization: The Classical Age
MDST295Love, War, and a Few Monsters: An Introduction to Medieval Literature
MDST302The Arthurian Legend on Film
MDST308Medievals on the Move: Pilgrimage, Jihad, Crusade, and Apocalypse
MDST310Muslims, Jews, and Christians: Convivencia in Medieval Iberia
MDST330Lancelot, Guinevere, Grail: Enigma in the Romances of Chretien de Troyes
MDST351Debate and Destruction: Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages
MDST353Race, Ethnicity, and Religion in Medieval Literature
MDST373From Courtly Love to Cannibalism: Medieval Romances

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