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MUSC106A Thousand Years of Music History
MUSC117FMusicking Body (FYS)
MUSC120FMusic, Place, and Culture: An Exploration of African American Soundscapes and Traditions (FYS)
MUSC274Hymnody in the United States Before the Civil War
MUSC291The Gendering of Music in Cross-Cultural Perspective
MUSC297Music of Central Asia
MUSC437Singing to Your Instruments
MUSC447West African Music and Culture--Advanced
MUSC507Practicing Ethnomusicology

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MUSC104Rhythms of the World: An Introduction to Rhythm, Meter, and (Musical) Time
MUSC203Chromatic Harmony
MUSC20420th Century Compositional Techniques
MUSC219I am the Loudest Sound in This Room // I am the Softest Sound in This Room
MUSC220Composing, Performing, and Listening to Experimental Music
MUSC221Live-Electronics for Composition, Improvisation, and Sound Art
MUSC242Baroque and Classical Music
MUSC262Korean Music from Shamanism to Television (CLAC.50)
MUSC275Music and Downtown New York
MUSC290Research Skills in Ethnomusicology--IRL & Digital
MUSC296Soundscapes of Islam
MUSC420Student Forum
MUSC435Keyboard Techniques for Composers and Conductors
MUSC446West African Music and Culture--Intermediate
MUSC447West African Music and Culture--Advanced
MUSC513Improvisation in Cross-Cultural Perspective
MUSC517Sex/Gender/Queerness in Music and Music Scholarship
MUSC519Current Issues in Ethnomusicology

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