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MUSC106A Thousand Years of Music History
MUSC117FMusicking Body (FYS)
MUSC120FMusic, Place, and Culture: An Exploration of African American Soundscapes and Traditions (FYS)
MUSC132FMusic in Japan from Ghibli to Gagaku
MUSC223Music, Recording, and Sound Design
MUSC274Hymnody in the United States Before the Civil War
MUSC277Jazz Avant-Gardes
MUSC297Music of Central Asia: From Throat-Singing to Heavy Metal
MUSC437Singing to Your Instruments
MUSC447West African Music and Culture--Advanced

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MUSC102World Music
MUSC104Rhythms of the World: An Introduction to Rhythm, Meter, and (Musical) Time
MUSC116Visual Sounds: Exploring the Landscape and Architecture of Musical Notation
MUSC117Musicking Body
MUSC121FQueering Russian Music
MUSC203Chromatic Harmony
MUSC219I am the Loudest Sound in This Room // I am the Softest Sound in This Room
MUSC221Live-Electronics for Composition, Improvisation, and Sound Art
MUSC225Sound Systems and Chamber Electronics
MUSC242Baroque and Classical Music
MUSC262Korean Music from Shamanism to Television (CLAC.50)
MUSC275Music and Downtown New York
MUSC296Soundscapes of Islam
MUSC435Keyboard Techniques for Composers and Conductors
MUSC446West African Music and Culture--Intermediate
MUSC513Improvisation in Cross-Cultural Perspective
MUSC517Sex/Gender/Queerness in Music and Music Scholarship

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