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PHIL201-01Philosophical Classics I: Ancient Western PhilosophyIrani,Tushar    
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; ZLKA106;
PHIL217-01Moral Psychology: Care of the SoulHorst,Steven W.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; FISK404;
PHIL218-01Personal Identity and ChoiceSpringer,Elise    
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; JUDDB6;
PHIL219-01Theories of Human NatureWestphal,Jonathan G.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK210;
PHIL231-01Reason and ParadoxShieh,Sanford    
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; FISK210;
PHIL232-01Beginning PhilosophyShieh,Sanford    
....R.. 07:00PM-09:50PM; FISK115;
PHIL263-01Modern Chinese PhilosophyAngle,Stephen    
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; ZLKA106;
PHIL286-01Philosophy of MindHorst,Steven W.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK302;
PHIL287-01Philosophy of ScienceRouse,Joseph T.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; FISK414;
PHIL287-AUDPhilosophy of ScienceSTAFF
PHIL321-01American Pragmatist Philosophy: Purposes, Meanings, and TruthsSpringer,Elise    
.....F. 01:10PM-04:00PM; FISK403;
PHIL332-01Transcendence and ImmanenceFay,Brian C.   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; RUSLSEM;
PHIL336-01Photography and RepresentationRoth,Michael S.   
..T.... 01:10PM-04:00PM; DAC300;
PHIL384-01The Metaphysics of Objectivity: Science, Meaning, and MatteringRouse,Joseph T.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK115;

Spring 2009 Courses Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       PHIL
PHIL160-01The Past on FilmRoth,Michael S.   
..T.... 01:10PM-04:30PM; CFS100;
PHIL202-01Philosophical Classics II: Early Modern Philosophy from Descartes Through KantHorst,Steven W.   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; FISK302;
PHIL205-01Classical Chinese PhilosophyAngle,Stephen    
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; PAC002;
PHIL212-01Introduction to EthicsSpringer,Elise    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK413;
PHIL220-01Existentialism, Platonism, PragmatismFay,Brian C.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK115;
PHIL251-01The Athenian Enlightenment: The Birth of Philosophy in 5th-Century AthensIrani,Tushar    
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; BTFDC314;
PHIL258-01Post-Kantian European PhilosophyRouse,Joseph T.   
.M.W.F. 10:00AM-10:50AM; PAC125;
PHIL271-01Moral ResponsibilitySpringer,Elise    
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; DAC300;
PHIL274-01Philosophy and LiteratureLang,Berel    
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; BTFDC314;
PHIL290-01Philosophical LogicShieh,Sanford    
...W... 07:00PM-10:00PM; FISK413;
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK101;
PHIL311-01Spinoza's ETHICSFay,Brian C.   
.....F. 01:10PM-04:00PM; RUSLSEM;
PHIL315-01Plato's Triad: THEAETETUS, SOPHIST, STATESMANIrani,Tushar    
....R.. 07:00PM-09:50PM; FISK115;
PHIL381-01Topics in Philosophy of MindHorst,Steven W.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK412;

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