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PHYS104Newton to Einstein: The Trail of Light
PHYS105Contemporary Issues in Physics
PHYS123General Physics Laboratory I
PHYS238Computational Physics: Algorithms and Clusters
PHYS356Atoms and Molecules
PHYS358Condensed Matter
PHYS395Structural Biology Laboratory
PHYS556Atoms and Molecules
PHYS558Condensed Matter
PHYS567Statistical Mechanics
PHYS568Quantum Mechanics
PHYS573Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter
PHYS575Advanced Topics In Theoretical Physics

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PHYS124General Physics Laboratory II
PHYS162It's About Time
PHYS192Musical Acoustics
PHYS313Classical Dynamics
PHYS395Structural Biology Laboratory
PHYS420Student Forum
PHYS500Graduate Pedagogy
PHYS513Classical Dynamics
PHYS563Analytical Mechanics
PHYS565Mathematical Physics
PHYS568Quantum Mechanics
PHYS572Advanced Topics in Atomic and Molecular Physics
PHYS576Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics

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