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PHYS107Life in the Cell from a Molecule's Perspective
PHYS111Introductory Physics I
PHYS113General Physics I
PHYS115Newtonian Mechanics
PHYS121Physics Laboratory I
PHYS123General Physics Laboratory I
PHYS162It's About Time
PHYS213Waves and Oscillations
PHYS215Special Relativity
PHYS219Introduction to Contemporary Physics
PHYS221Modeling and Data Analysis: From Molecules to Markets
PHYS315Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS324Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS342Experimental Optics
PHYS505Condensed Matter Physics Seminar I
PHYS507Atomic and Molecular Physics Seminar I
PHYS509Theoretical Physics Seminar I
PHYS515Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS521Physics Colloquium I
PHYS524Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS542Experimental Optics
PHYS567Statistical Mechanics
PHYS568Quantum Mechanics
PHYS571Advanced Topics in Atomic and Molecular Physics
PHYS573Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter
PHYS574Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter: Fluid Mechanics
PHYS575Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYS576Advanced Topics in Theory
PHYS577Lab Pedagogy
PHYS578Lab Pedagogy

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