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HEBR202Intermediate Hebrew II

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HEBR211Hebrew Literature
RELI203Jews & Judaism: Race, Religion, Culture
RELI205Dharma, Karma, and Living with the God/dess/es: Hindu Lives
RELI206Neo-Confucian Chinese Philosophy
RELI207Buddhist Psychology in Modern Perspective
RELI211Religion, Peace, and Violence: Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and Secular Politics
RELI213Refugees & Exiles: Religion in the Diaspora
RELI214Buddhism and the Body: Desire, Disgust, and Transcendence
RELI215Politics and Piety in Early Christianities
RELI218The Cosmos of Dante's Comedy
RELI220Modern Christian Thought
RELI221Islam and Muslim Cultures
RELI228Classical Chinese Philosophy
RELI229Tibetan Buddhism
RELI232Religions of China: The Ways and Their Power
RELI239Modern Shamanism: Ecstacy and Ancestors in the New Age
RELI240Religion in the Roman Empire
RELI242Introduction to Buddhist Thought and Practice
RELI268Anthropology of Black Religions in the Americas
RELI270Magical Money and Enchanted Capitalisms
RELI275FReligions Resisting Modernity (FYS)
RELI276The Gospels and Jesus
RELI278American Jewish Humor
RELI279Liberation Theology and Pentecostalism in the Americas and Africa
RELI280Mixed in America: Race, Religion, and Memoir
RELI280FMixed in America: Race, Religion, and Memoir (FYS)
RELI288Buddhism in America: The Dharma Comes to Main Street
RELI289Indigenous Religions: Politics, Land, Healing
RELI291From Jerusalem to Ground Zero: Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sioux, and Hindu Notions of Sacredness
RELI292Reason and Revelation: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
RELI298Religion and History
RELI299Imagining Communities: National Religions and Political Rituals
RELI301Jesus and the Gods: Christianity and the Religions of Antiquity
RELI305Pantheologies: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, World
RELI312Indigenous Religion and the New Age: Inspiration or Appropriation?
RELI314Buddhist Traditions of Mind and Meditation
RELI315Ethics and Action in the Buddhist Cosmos
RELI319Zionism: A Political Theology
RELI330American Utopias in the 19th Century
RELI348Magic, Sex, and Scholasticism: Tantric Traditions in Asia and Beyond
RELI351Debate and Destruction: Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages
RELI373Religion, Science, and Empire: Crucible of a Globalized World
RELI375Relic and Image: The Archaeology and Social History of Indian Buddhism
RELI377Worlding the World: Creation Myths from Ancient Greece to the Multiverse
RELI379Christianity and Sexuality
RELI391Religion and the Social Construction of Race
RELI393"If there is no God, then everything is permitted?" Moral Life in a Secular World
RELI395The Anthropology of Religion

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