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SISP115FReproductive Politics (FYS)
SISP127FWar and Technology (FYS)
SISP213Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Writing Science, Writing Science Studies
SISP243Commodities and Addiction
SISP257Japan and the Atomic Bomb: History, Myths, and Mysteries
SISP260Bioethics and the Animal/Human Boundary
SISP267Development in Question: Conservation in Africa
SISP302Reproductive Politics and the Family in Africa
SISP327Colonizing Space: Exploration, Extraction, and Inhabitation
SISP327FColonizing Space: Exploration, Extraction, and Inhabitation (FYS)
SISP350Sociology of Knowledge
SISP375Science and the State
SISP383Mind, Body, and World

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SISP205Sciences as Social and Cultural Practices
SISP223Liminal Animals: Animals in Urban Spaces
SISP231Guns and Society
SISP236Race, Gender, and Medicine in U.S. History
SISP256Race and Medicine in America
SISP281Post-Kantian European Philosophy
SISP300Black Phoenix Rising: Death and Resurrection of Black Lives
SISP317Sexuality, Gender, and Science
SISP321BioFeminisms: Science, Matter, and Agency
SISP331Decolonizing Ecocinema: Aesthetics and Politics of Disaster
SISP350Sociology of Knowledge
SISP353Health, Illness, and Power in America

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