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SOC222Political Sociology
SOC228The Family
SOC234Media and Society
SOC238Sociology of Emotions
SOC239Sociology of Music in Social Movements
SOC240Comparative Race and Ethnicity
SOC241Mental Illness and Society
SOC243Queer Theory/Queer Politics
SOC250Sociology of Markets
SOC259Cultural Studies of Health
SOC260Sound and Screen
SOC270Urban Societies
SOC284Memory and Violence
SOC299The Future Perfect
SOC302Paternalism and Social Power
SOC312Advanced Social Theory Seminar
SOC320Life and Death: Relations of Biopower and Necropower
SOC399AAdvanced Research Seminar: Work and Leisure
SOC399DAdvanced Research Seminar: Marx: CAPITAL: A CRITIQUE OF POLITICAL ECONOMY, Vol. I

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SOC220Metabolism and Technoscience
SOC221Sociology of Fashion
SOC228The Family
SOC240Comparative Race and Ethnicity
SOC245Intersectionality and Its Discontents
SOC246Social Movements
SOC250Sociology of Markets
SOC256Sex Work and Sex Trafficking: Empowerment, Exploitation, and the Politics of Sex
SOC260Sound and Screen
SOC270Urban Societies
SOC293Pleasure and Power: The Sociology of Sexuality
SOC302Paternalism and Social Power
SOC304Sociology and Social Justice
SOC313Time, Masks, Mirrors: Aging in America
SOC315The Health of Communities
SOC325Sociology of Medicine, Health, and Illness
SOC399AAdvanced Research Seminar: Work and Leisure
SOC399BAdvanced Research Seminar: Educational Policy
SOC399CAdvanced Research Seminar: Culture Three Ways
SOC399EAdvanced Research Seminar: Food and Society
SOC399FAdvanced Research Seminar: The Social Body
SOC405Sociology Thesis Seminar

Summer 2017 Courses Offered       Home       Archive       Search       SOC
SOC257-01Applied Data AnalysisCooper,Jennifer Lee   
.MTWRF. 01:30PM-03:10PM; SCIE103;

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