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SPAN103Elementary Spanish for High Beginners
SPAN111Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN203Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN230Heroes, Lovers, and Swindlers: Medieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature and History
SPAN231Classic Spanish Plays: Love, Violence, and (Poetic) Justice on the Early Modern Stage
SPAN232Dialogue of Poets: Classical and 20th-Century Poetry in Spain and Latin America
SPAN257Performing Ethnicity: Gypsies and the Culture of Flamenco in Spain
SPAN258The Intercultural Stage: Migration and the Performing Arts in the Hispanic World
SPAN259Detective Fiction: Procedure and Paranoia in Spanish Narrative
SPAN261Sites of Resistance & Memory: Theater, Performance & Political Consciousness in Contemporary Spain
SPAN262Through Foreign Eyes: The U.S. in Spain in the 20th Century
SPAN264Orientalism: Spain and Africa
SPAN273Beyond Machu Picchu and Macondo: Real and Imaginary Worlds in Latin American Letters
SPAN276Body, Voice, Text: Theater and the Transmission of Experience
SPAN278Dangerous Plots: Fictions of the Latin American Jungle
SPAN279Latin American Theater and Performance
SPAN280Screening Youth in Contemporary Latin American Cinema
SPAN282Narratives of Crisis: Violence and Representation in Contemporary Latin American Culture
SPAN284Tales of Resistance: Modernity and the Latin American Short Story
SPAN285Asian Latino Encounters: Imagining Asia in Hispanic America
SPAN286Bolívar's Afterlife in the Americas: Biography, Ideology, and the Public Sphere
SPAN287Constructions of the Self
SPAN291Spanish American 'Modernismo' in a Global Context

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