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THEA365Greek Tragedy: Euripides

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THEA135FDocumentary Performance: Theater and Social Justice (FYS)
THEA172FStaging America: Modern American Drama (FYS)
THEA199Introduction to Playwriting
THEA202Greek Drama: Theater and Social Justice, Ancient and Modern
THEA203Playing in the Theater Archive
THEA213Performing Arts Videography
THEA221Rescripting America for the Stage
THEA224Medieval Drama: Read It and Be in It
THEA231Classic Spanish Plays: Love, Violence, and (Poetic) Justice on the Early Modern Stage
THEA235Writing On and As Performance
THEA237Performance Art
THEA238The Intercultural Stage: Migration and the Performing Arts in the Hispanic World
THEA246Adornment: The Human Body on Display
THEA261Sites of Resistance & Memory: Theater, Performance & Political Consciousness in Contemporary Spain
THEA266Black Performance Theory
THEA267Revolution Girl-Style Now: Queer and Feminist Performance Strategies
THEA276Body, Voice, Text: Theater and the Transmission of Experience
THEA280Award-Winning Playwrights
THEA281Introduction to Directing
THEA285Acting II
THEA289Writing History
THEA290Staging Race in Early Modern England
THEA291French and Francophone Theater in Performance
THEA292Spectacles of Violence in Early Modern French Tragedy
THEA297Latin American Theater and Performance
THEA302Contemporary Theater: Theories and Aesthetics
THEA306Techniques of the Liar: Performance, Artifice, Fraud
THEA309The Actor's Work on Psychophysical Actions: A Nonrealist Approach
THEA319Voice and Heightened Text
THEA323Survey of African American Theater
THEA329Technical Practice A
THEA331Technical Practice B
THEA348Music and Theater of Indonesia
THEA350Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Arts Journalism
THEA351Melodrama Since 1700
THEA354Improvisational Forms: Contact Improvisation
THEA360Media for Performance
THEA366The Sounds of Black and Brown Performance
THEA371Sister Acts: Black Feminist/Womanist Theater of the African Diaspora
THEA383Introduction to Costume Design for Performance
THEA427Performance Practice A
THEA431Performance Practice B
THEA433Performance Practice C
THEA435Performance Practice in Design A
THEA437Performance Practice in Design B

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