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COL201Writing Nonfiction
ENGL270Writing Creative Nonfiction
WRCT113FA Nation of Immigrants? (FYS)
WRCT118FOff-Broadway: Contemporary American Playwriting (FYS)
WRCT121FAre You a Feminist? (FYS)
WRCT202Pedagogy for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Tutors
WRCT302All the Feels: Affect Theory and Cultural Studies

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COL213Enlightenment and Science
ENGL271Distinguished Writers/New Voices
ENGL290Place, Character, and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and Fiction
WRCT114FWhy You Can't Write (FYS)
WRCT201Writing Theory and Practice
WRCT203Investigative Storytelling
WRCT205English Language Learners and US Language Policy
WRCT227Life Writing: Writing About the Self and from Experience
WRCT250MScience Journalism: Why Animals Matter
WRCT398Tools of the Trade: How to Be a Better Writer

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