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ANTH299Eat, Grow, Save: The Anthropology of Food and Justice
E&ES236Mass Extinctions in the Oceans: Animal Origins to Anthropocene
FGSS235Economies of Death, Geographies of Care
PHIL115What Do Animals Think?
PHIL216Women, Animals, and Nature
PHIL268The Ethics of Captivity

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AMST174Popular Culture and Social Justice: Introduction to American Studies
AMST203Junior Colloquium: Biopolitics, Animality, and Posthumanism
AMST260Bioethics and the Animal/Human Boundary
ANTH256Predators, Prey, Pets, and PETA: Changing Human-Animal Relationships
ANTH299Eat, Grow, Save: The Anthropology of Food and Justice
BIOL140Classic Studies in Animal Behavior
COL238Animal Theories/Human Fictions
PHIL215Humans, Animals, and Nature
PHIL216Women, Animals, and Nature
PHIL357Animal Minds
PHIL383Mind, Body, and World
PSYC104Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination
PSYC220Cognitive Psychology
PSYC361The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
RELI290Pantheologies: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, World

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