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ANTH207-01Gender in a Transnational Perspective (FGSS Gateway)Sharma,Anu (Aradhana)    
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; FISK302;
CHEM117-01Human BiochemistryBolton,Philip H.   
.M.W.F. 10:00AM-10:50AM; HALL51;
E&ES197-01Introduction to Environmental StudiesChernoff,Barry    
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; SCIE58;
E&ES197-02Introduction to Environmental StudiesChernoff,Barry    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; SCIE58;
GOVT151-01American Government and PoliticsLim,Elvin    
.M.W... 11:00AM-12:20PM; PAC004;
GOVT151-02American Government and PoliticsEisner,Marc A.   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC004;
GOVT151-03American Government and PoliticsMurphy,Russell D.   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC136;
GOVT159-01The Moral Basis of PoliticsChakravarti,Sonali    
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC002;
HIST234-01The Middle East in the 20th CenturyMasters,Bruce A.   
.M.W.F. 09:00AM-09:50AM; PAC001;
HIST240-01The 20th Century United StatesWright,Leah M.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC125;
HIST240-02The 20th Century United StatesPotter,Claire B.   
...W.F. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK302;
HIST291-01The American RevolutionSwinehart,Kirk Davis   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC004;
PHIL214-01Justice and ReasonRouse,Joseph T.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; FISK101;
PHIL214-02Justice and ReasonRouse,Joseph T.   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; FISK404;
RELI221-01Islam and Muslim CulturesAhmad,Attiya    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC002;

WesMaps - Spring 2011 Courses Appropriate for First-Year Students       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       CEC
BIOL118-01Reproduction in the 21st CenturyGrabel,Laura B.   
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; SHAN107;
CHEM117-01Human BiochemistryBolton,Philip H.   
.M.W.F. 10:00AM-10:50AM; SCIE92;
GOVT159-01The Moral Basis of PoliticsSchwartz,Nancy L.   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC104;
HIST237-01Colonial AmericaSwinehart,Kirk Davis   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC004;
HIST267-01Out of the Shtetl: Jews in Eastern EuropeTeter,Magda    
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC004;
RELI221-01Islam and Muslim CulturesAhmad,Attiya    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK210;
SOC223-01Gender and Social Movements (FGSS Gateway)Clawson,Mary Ann    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC421;

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