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ENGL110F-01Academic Writing in the US for International Students (FYS)Hepford,Elizabeth Ann   
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; 116MTV102;
ENGL121F-01Are You a Feminist? (FYS)Silber,Lauren    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; 116MTV102;
ENGL157F-01Caribbean Literature and Writing the Environment (FYS)Yanique,Tiphanie    
....R.. 01:20PM-04:10PM; 116MTV102;
ENGL162F-01The Past and Present of American Journalism (FYS)Day Frank,Morgan    
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; CRT285;
ENGL162F-02The Past and Present of American Journalism (FYS)Day Frank,Morgan    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK412;
ENGL175F-01Staging America: Modern American Drama (FYS)Pfister,Joel    
.M..... 07:10PM-10:00PM; DWNY208;
ENGL190F-01Place, Character, and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and Fiction (FYS)Greene,Anne F.   
.M.W... 08:20AM-09:40AM; DWNY100;
ENGL190F-02Place, Character, and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and Fiction (FYS)Greene,Anne F.   
.M..... 01:20PM-04:10PM; DWNY100;
ENGL203-01American Literature from the Colonial Period to the Civil WarGarrett,Matthew Carl   
.M.W.F. 09:50AM-10:40AM; PAC001;
ENGL205-01ShakespeareFriedberg,Harris A.   
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK302;
ENGL240-01Introduction to African American LiteratureHayman,Casey    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; BOGH114;
ENGL269-01Introduction to PlaywritingSanchez,Edwin    
.....F. 01:20PM-04:10PM; TST101;
ENGL270-01Writing Creative NonfictionGreene,Anne F.   
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; DWNY113;
ENGL279-01Introduction to Latina/o/x Literature and Art: Border, Citizen, BodyEllis Neyra,Ren    
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; FISK121;
ENGL281-01Award-Winning PlaywrightsMcMahon,Rashida Z. Shaw   
.M.W.F. 09:50AM-10:40AM; 116MTV102;

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ENGL113-01A Nation of Immigrants?Silber,Lauren    
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; 116MTV102;
ENGL135-01Writing about Research: U.S. StyleHepford,Elizabeth Ann   
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; 116MTV102;
ENGL141F-01Slavery, Latifundio, and Revolution in Latin American Literature and Cinema (FYS)Ellis Neyra,Ren    
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; BOGH110;
ENGL176F-01August Wilson (FYS)McMahon,Rashida Z. Shaw   
...W.F. 10:50AM-12:10PM; FISK412;
ENGL204A-01American Literature, 1865--1945McCann,Sean    
.M.W.F. 09:50AM-10:40AM; PAC001;
..T.R.. 08:50AM-10:10AM; CAAS LOUNG;

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