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AFAM203African American History, 1444 - 1877

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AFAM116Segregated Spaces: School, Work, and Home since 'Brown'
AFAM218Blackface Minstrelsy, Then and Now
AFAM226Caribbean Societies: Contemporary Currents
AFAM252Race and Urban Space: Riots, Resistance, and Renewal
AFAM273Vodou in Haiti - Vodou in Hollywood
AFAM280Religion and the Social Construction of Race
AFAM303Race Discourse in the Americas

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AFAM225Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, and John Wideman
AFAM241Ebony Singers: Gospel Music
AFAM261Jazz Dance I
AFAM291Law, Race, and Literature: An Introduction to Critical Race Theory
AFAM299African History and Art
AFAM388Materials and Principles of Jazz Improvisation I
AFAM392Music of Lennie Tristano, Miles Davis, and Max Roach
AFAM396Jazz Orchestra I
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AFAM202Introduction to African American Literature
AFAM204Introduction to Modern African American History

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AFAM212African History Since 1870
AFAM258Migration and Cultural Politics: Immigrant Experiences in the United States
AFAM270The Politics of Minority Coalitions
AFAM282Mixed in America: Race, Religion, and Memoir
AFAM289Everyday Forms of Resistance
AFAM304Black Popular Culture
AFAM320Rereading Gendered Agency II: Black Women's Experience of Slavery
AFAM327The New City Reconsidered: Race, Poverty, and the Urban Future Since Katrina
AFAM349Toward an Archaeology of the U.S. Prison System

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AFAM129Resisting the Romance in Black and White and Technicolor
AFAM229Poets and Playwrights of Negritude
AFAM241Ebony Singers: Gospel Music
AFAM262Jazz Dance II
AFAM268Afro-American Art Since 1865
AFAM324Contemporary African American Narratives of Slavery
AFAM389Materials and Principles of Jazz Improvisation II
AFAM393Music of Sun Ra and Karleinz Stockhausen

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