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ARHA151European Architecture to 1750

Fall 2009      Art Hist: Western       Home       Archive       Search       ARHA
ARHA151European Architecture to 1750
ARHA215The Art and Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England: 400-1100
ARHA233Art and Culture of the Italian Baroque
ARHA240Modernism and Modernity in 19th-Century French Painting
ARHA258Contemporary World Architecture
ARHA271Making Art in the United States, 1860-1960
ARHA322Landscape and Ideology, 1500-1700

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No Courses Offered.

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Spring 2010      Art History: Introductory       Home       Archive       Search       ARHA
ARHA101Introduction to the Practice of Art History
ARHA110Introduction to Western Art: Renaissance to Modern
ARHA180Great Traditions of Asian Art

Spring 2010      Art Hist: Western       Home       Archive       Search       ARHA
ARHA110Introduction to Western Art: Renaissance to Modern
ARHA211Early Medieval Art: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the Mediterranean, 300-1000
ARHA224Italian Art and Architecture of the 16th Century
ARHA241Introduction to 20th-Century European Avant-Garde
ARHA254Architecture of the 20th Century
ARHA260History of Prints
ARHA345Chicago Architecture and Urbanism,1880-2000
ARHA376Topics in 19th-Century Painting: Thomas Moran, Thomas Eakins, and Mary Cassatt

Spring 2010      Art History: Asian       Home       Archive       Search       ARHA
ARHA180Great Traditions of Asian Art
ARHA283The Traditional Arts of Japan
ARHA285Art and Architecture of India to 1500

Spring 2010      Art History: African       Home       Archive       Search       ARHA
ARHA267Afro-American Art Since 1865
ARHA390Advanced Themes in African History and Art

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